Now link blogging

Blogging has been a struggle lately (well, always). I have another outlet that feels better for me right now: link blogging. Get it at

A quick note about how it works: I’m collecting the links on Pinboard. Between extensions and bookmark-by-mail this is easy whether I’m on laptop or offline mobile. Pinboard automatically creates an RSS feed of my links. I use SimplePie to display that RSS feed on my site. You can also access the RSS feed directly.

And a quick reflection on my blogging: I tend to think about blogging as helping me make sense of things. The link descriptions are a way of getting more practice without having to write the narrative that a post requires. On the other hand, some of my best blogging comes from tying multiple things together, so I’ll keep thinking about ways to do that. Before the link blog I tried some experiments inspired by Mike Caulfield’s proliferation of federated wiki (e.g. for WordPress). As much as I like the wiki as a knowledge artifact, I found that writing style more difficult than it was worth for me.