The best of e-learning, an example from the farm

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What are some good examples of simple, succinct e-learning lessons?

Here you go, an incredibly simple and effective lesson on the sexing of day-old chicks (Biederman & Shiffrar, 1987).

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 6.22.07 PM

In the experiment, these instructions improve novice subjects’ correlation with experts from .2 to .8, this in a field where expertise was typically coming from years of experience.

This may not be e-learning–no adaptive learning algorithms here–but it’s all you need. The key is being able to connect a developed human strength (here, shape recognition) to a new task. In one word: pedagogy. And all you need to present this pedagogy is text and static images because the task is visual recognition of a static image (assuming you can poke around a chick’s underside without squirming). (See also Are videos the best format for online course delivery?)

Ok, I hear you–maybe you just aren’t that interested in chick sexing. How can you know what else out there is effective learning? The only valid way to evaluate learning is what Biederman & Shiffrar do in this study: compare the performance to experts. Unfortunately there isn’t enough attention on that part of it to give solid recommendations among web-based options. (But see also How can I find results about learning and education from evidence-based research?)